The Lives of the Dead

Some of the most interesting people I meet are dead…

A Question for You, Dear Readers…

Hi All,

The holidays are a busy time for all.  I don’t have much time to work on the blog and you probably don’t have a lot of time to read it so I will taking a hiatus for a few weeks.  I’ll be back after the new year with some great new posts.  Please come back and join me then.

In the meantime, I’d like to pose a couple of related questions to my readers:   If you could somehow go back in time and give your childhood self a piece of advice, what would it be?     And if that childhood self could somehow see you as you are today,  what do you think he/she would find most surprising about your life now?

I’d love to read your replies, perhaps even get a discussion going, so please post!

If you find yourself going into withdrawal (ha!),  it might be a good time to catch up on the earlier posts you might have missed,  or to reread your favorites.

I wish you all a safe, happy and joyful holiday season.


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4 thoughts on “A Question for You, Dear Readers…

  1. newboldwitch on said:

    Hi Adrienne,

    If I could go back to my childhood self I would probably say be more generous with money to others who have much less than I have (I’m by no means rich, but live a comfortable life). I think my childhood self would be pleased at what I have achieved, given that I came from a working class background without the benefit of well educated parents to help me along.

    I really enjoy your posts and look forward to your return. Have a lovely break. Anne.

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  2. hi Adri thank you for your stories: i am really amazed by the vivid impression that yours writing leaves into my soul… Yes, again, it is a renewed Anthology of a modern (worldwide) cemetery. Thank you!
    I have only the answer to your first question and have to think to the second: if i could give myself an advice as i was child it would be TRY TO FREE YOURSELF AND TRUST YOUR FEELINGS MORE THAN OTHERS.
    I hope that you keep in mind that you are doing a great writing job and i love to read your stories as much as i can.
    I am sending you and all my best wishes for the season

  3. Hi Adrienne,

    Just one piece? Not that it’d matter. He’d probably ignore me anyway. 🙂

    To my childhood self: Never stop imagining yourself as someone who is special. When someone tells you otherwise, they’ve stumbled and are reaching up to you. If you stop for them and they hurt you somehow, they can’t see it now, but they are only hurting themselves more. The same applies to you. Now, go have some fun!

    Childhood Self to me: What did you do to my face?

    Happy Holidays! Love and blessings to you all,

  4. I always say, if I only knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have had all those instructive failures, which in turn have taught me what I know now.

    But really, if I knew then, what I know now, I could have conquered the world! I wasted so much time coddling my insecurities! 🙂

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