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Happy Holidays to All!

holiday message


Dear Readers,
If you have enjoyed this blog and would like to give me a wonderful holiday gift  in appreciation (wink, wink), I would LOVE it if you shared this site with your friends.

I feel as if I’m doing meaningful work here,  and that many people might benefit from  the stories and lessons and wisdom in these posts.  But spreading the word is soooo very labor intensive and steals time from the channeling/writing.  (Some people do “social media” as a full time job,  and I already have three full time jobs.)

It also feels a bit “inappropriate” to involve my ego  in this work. And yet,  how else can I get the word out if I don’t talk about “my blog?” (which, in any case, I don’t feel is really  mine.)

So…maybe you can help out with a retweet?  How about an enthusiastic LIKE with link on Facebook?  Maybe you could pin a post to Pinterest (say THAT three times fast!)  Or repost a favorite story to Tumblr.  Maybe   a mention in your own blog or group, adding your own take.  Let your actor and director friends know they can use these as audition and rehearsal monologues!  Let your English teacher friends know that some of these stories make interesting reading assignments,  perhaps prompting students to write their own imagined life stories as an exercise.   Tell any journalists or media hosts you may know who might be looking for unusual subjects.   Share with those in your life who could use a little spiritual boost or a new way of seeing things.

It would be so much more meaningful all around if those who find these stories interesting/useful/meaningful/poignant shared that value with others.

As you all know, this is a labor of love, but some days,  I feel that I am speaking into a vacuum.  I don’t get a lot of feedback from readers (I know…you’re all busy too!) although what I do get is always positive, which is always appreciated!  (Thank you!  You know who you are!)  But an increase in traffic — more eyeballs on this blog  — would be sooo encouraging.

So… if you’d like to do me a solid,  please help me get the word out.

And feel free to comment and/or ask questions on any post!  Introduce yourselves.   It would be nice to get a dialogue going.

Thanks ever so!

Merry/Happy/Festive whatev!



photo: unknown.  If you know the ORIGINAL source, please let me know!  I would like to credit them. (I’ve seen it many places, but I’d love to know who originally wrote it.)

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