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Such Sweet Sorrow

Dear Readers,

When I began this blog,  I promised myself I’d give it a year and see where it went.  Now that year is up.

This project has been incredibly rewarding to me in so many ways. More than anything, it’s helped me develop compassion for the kind of people I would previously have dismissed or despised.   It’s helped me understand human relationships and behavior from an entirely new perspective. It has helped make sense of certain aspects of the human condition which had been confusing or mysterious to me. I hope it’s helped some of you in this way, too.

However,   it has also taken up many, many hours and considerable psychic energy.   Opening  myself to the “mystical realm” has required that I put aside my more “worldly” projects.  Alas, the latter is what pays the bills and unfortunately, I no longer have the luxury of ignoring paying gigs.  Yes,  I would prefer to meditate for hours, hang out with with my new (albeit dead or perhaps imaginary) friends, and further explore the astral plane. But if I don’t want to end up homeless, I need to put my mind and energy back into income-producing work.  It’s difficult for these two states to coexist inside my head at once.  I had to choose.

This is not to say I am giving up this project entirely.  I will post new stories from time to time, as they come to me, but not as regularly as I have been doing.   Ideally,  I will be able to find some time once a week or so  to communicate with my pals on the other side and share their stories with you.  I hope you will be patient and stick with me.

I am toying with the idea of republishing the posts from the beginning,  so newer readers can follow the progress of the blog as it evolved, and those who’ve been reading for a while can have a look at stories they might have forgotten.

Another goal is to put all the stories into a book form.  (Yet one more project on my very long To Do list!)

As always, I love to hear from readers. I’m happy to have your input, comments and suggestions.  This has been a labor of love, and I take with it all the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

With much love to all,





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