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Let’s Get (Quantum) Physical


Big Bang Discovery Opens Doors to the “Multiverse” –  NatGeo




I’ve been reading a lot lately on quantum physics.  More and more, it seems science and spirituality are finding common ground.  I wanted to share some readings and thoughts on that subject, and would be most interested to hear what you have to say…


For a long time, physicists have been theorizing about the possibility (probability?) of a multiverse — an infinite number of universes, each of which may be significantly or just minimally different from ours.   In one universe, you’re married to your high school sweetheart; in another, you never marry at all.   In some universe, Al Gore wins the U.S. election in 2000 and Bush never ascends to the presidency. In another universe, the Axis Powers prevail in World War II. All these universes co-exist, but they are generally opaque to us. We are only able to perceive the universe in which we exist. In fact, experiments in quantum physics demonstrate that the existence of particles (of which we are all made) is strictly a matter of observation.  (It’s all very complicated and goes against all rational logic. Even the great Nobel physicist Richard Feynmann said, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”) Some physicists believe that, in fact, parallel universes can and do, indeed, interact with ours.

I find it fascinating that science is now providing supporting evidence for many spiritual philosophies.

For example, many medical doctors, scientists and spiritual philosophers (and I, too) believe that consciousness exists outside the human brain.  I’ve long believed that our minds are merely receptors , much the way a radio does not produce music but rather receives, amplifies, and translates the waves that produce it.   It’s easy to imagine someone with no understanding of radio waves believing the sounds are created within the box.  Are we humans naïve and egotistical to believe that our consciousness is self-originating?   Are we as laughably ignorant as a primitive tribesman looking for the tiny person inside a transistor radio?

If infinite external consciousness exists,   it would certainly answer quite a number of questions humans have been posing for millennia, not the least of which is what actually happens when we dream. Might we be able to pass into, or at least glimpse, other universes via our dreams?


Have you ever dreamed so vividly that upon awakening, you felt as if you’d actually been somewhere else; had a real experience?

Last night, I had such a dream.

I had been living in a foreign country and was leaving the next day for home. In this place, all the buildings were insanely tall. Real estate on those high floors was very limited and so expensive, even the rich could not afford to live there. Instead, people lived lower down with no view/little sunlight. Those with money, however, were able to buy small rooms on high floors, most with balconies, where they might partake of some sunshine and a less obstructed view of the sky. Most were just large enough for a day bed, perhaps a small desk. These were not living quarters; just a place to spend a few hours now and then, to get “above it all.”

On my last evening,  I was at a party in the room of a couple I know (in real life). Theirs was larger than most and had a long terrace. I was able to clearly see all the details– the furnishings, the guests, the layout, the view.

Suddenly, an ex-lover of mine showed up uninvited. He was someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and who I’d long written off (someone I’d loved in real life). My first thought was, “What is he doing here? I don’t want to see him. I am leaving here, and leaving him in my past.” But he pulled me out onto the balcony for a serious conversation. I resisted at first, but ended up speaking at length, with great intimacy, holding and touching each other,  I’d been sure that I had no feelings for him anymore, but there we were, talking nose to nose with love and familiarity, the fire kindled anew. All the old emotions came rushing back. The sense of intimacy was emotionally powerful and very real.

Then, like fast-forwarding a film, it’s ten years into the future and I’m looking back on my life. I never did go home the next day, but rather stayed and married him. We had two children together. (There were no other details.)

When I awoke, the feelings were still vivid.   I felt as if I’d actually lived the experience.

This was absolutely not a wish-fulfillment dream. It was rather surprising that I could still conjure any feelings for him, even in a dream state, and kind of mind-boggling to imagine that perhaps in some other time and place we might have stayed together.

It left me wondering if dreams are not only a manifestation of our psyche (which they certainly often are), but if they are also sometimes a doorway into another plane or universe; a channel to access information which is not available to our hyper-critical waking minds.

As usual, I don’t have answers. Only questions.   Curious to hear your thoughts on this.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Get (Quantum) Physical

  1. I would like to encourage you to use your allowing …..I find that questioning does lead to more questioning which in turn leads to more questioning.

    Allowing opens the door for more possibilities….more fun….more enjoyment.

    Allowing requires a simple child-like wonder and joy.

    What are we trying to prove? (I could come up with many answers for this from a need to know stance which of course leads to more questions….and on we go.)

    Enjoy my ditty on this very subject with much love and appreciation xx (I know you do this)

    Allow thinking and doing
    Having and more
    Allow loving and caring
    Don’t make it a chore!

    Think it and do it
    And do not submit
    To all of the hoopla
    That says you must sit

    Do not quiet your mind
    Allow it to grow
    Feed it on all the good things that you know

    Our world is ready
    Like never before
    For all of your greatness to walk through the door

    The stage has been set
    For the life that you get
    So allow it to flow now
    And have no regret

    Allowing is simple
    As easy as pie
    Why don’t you join me
    We can fly high!

  2. Thanks, Gail! Always appreciate your support! I have to disagree with your line, “do not quiet the mind” …although I think I know what you mean. I assume you mean don’t stop wondering and questioning; don’t allow your mind to be “idle”. However, the very definition of meditation, which is imperative for opening the mind and heart, is to quiet the mind. To just let whatever come, comes. Don’t worry about the future; don’t obsess about the past. What’s done is done and what will be, will be. “Quiet the mind” and focus only on the NOW. 😀

  3. newboldwitch on said:

    Hi Adrienne, I enjoyed your piece on quantum physics. I don’t go a bundle on parallel universes but I have thought for many years, even before I knew about quantum physics that there are levels of existence than interact with the physical in the same way as gas, liquid and solid matter interpenetrate each other. From the ancient writings, seven layers of beings exist, the densest being our physical bodies, then the etheric body, spirit body etc. I always imagined that angels and other advanced beings occupied the higher levels with the creator at the top.
    Just my take on the subject.

  4. TimJ on said:

    Hi Adrienne,

    This is a really deep subject, but one I love to explore, so I felt compelled to share what I’ve found. After much information gathering on the subject, my current conclusion (this is always subject to change) is that atomic/quantum physical reality is one layer, perhaps a core, to a very large “onion” (multi-layered, not necessarily spherical). The “onion”, including the lowest vibration in which we live, is only one of many forms of vibrating energy (layers) with no fundamental particle at all, rather fundamental vibrating wave structures that behave as particles (vibrating points in space). Our physical perception is a function of our relative frequency and we know, as a certainty, that our physical bodies are capable of detecting a very finite spectrum of this energy system. Much like a TV tuner, scanning the frequency spectrum, we can detect, and tune into, multiple, distinct transmissions (realities). This conclusion is based on many texts of transmissions from Spirit over the last 150 years, particularly the description of the physical mediumship process, which I found to click with the work of some contemporary physicists (Milo Wolff and Gabriel LaFreniere as examples).

    If this is true, it’s then possible for an infinitely layered universe to exist, extending from our current frequency, call it “one” for simplicity, to the vibration level of the Source of All Things (best guess, infinite). In other words, in the same 3-dimensional box of space (there are likely more dimensions, but again, simplicity), there can exist infinite layers of reality. Given the observable physical layer, talk about vast!

    Without a means to perceive them (physical, spiritual or otherwise) or an understanding of how it affects our “now”, and the great possibility that our universe is infinitely layered, I think it’s counter-productive to consider multi-verse (multiple “onions”).

    Regarding dreams, I think there are many different types and functions. Some serve as learning experiences, some as playthings for your brain. I think that dreams that don’t feel like typical dreams, probably aren’t. If you’re familiar with the concept of Akashic Records, essentially a record of all thought and action, you can see a ready source for the experience of past lives/memories, if one were to tune into (experience) it. My understanding is that Spirit can directly share these experiences with us, so it feels as though they are our own. For most of us, the big logistical problem with this information is bringing it back into the physical, so it can once again be relayed (written, verbal, otherwise). The vast majority of our brains just aren’t ready to do that.

    As always, this is just one guy’s opinion (based on the best stuff I could find) :D, but I hope this helps in some small way.

    Love & Blessings,

  5. Thanks for this, Tim! Obviously, no human can ever know what’s “out there” for certain. And even for those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse, it’s only part of it…like the Blind Men and the Elephant story. Still, like you, I love exploring these subjects, especially now that humans have the science and technology to explain what many (especially Eastern) religions have been talking about for millennia. I like your analogy of an onion. I’ve often thought of “truth” that way, so it really resonates with me.

    As always, thanks for your comments and input!

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