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The Ripples of Our Actions

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(My little friend is back.  He always has interesting insights, new ways of thinking about things.)

Absolute good and absolute evil are purely human concepts. Even the most horrific thing one can imagine will resonate good somewhere else. Perhaps that ripple will not be felt on the opposite shore for a long time, but the wave will eventually break.

Likewise, the most pure, innocent, selfless act that one might conceive will, somewhere at some time, result in pain for somebody.

That is a basic truth of existence.

All intentions ricochet off other intentions, scattering them like light upon a fractured mirror, refracting them, sending them in a thousand untraceable directions.

Results of human actions cannot be known in a lifetime; they remain opaque to living beings. What is good becomes bad. What is bad becomes good.

To be enlightened is not to act. Rather it is to perceive, to receive, to understand.

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2 thoughts on “The Ripples of Our Actions

  1. Janet Pipes on said:

    Ipo does make one ponder.

    • I tell ya, if he’s merely a figment of my imagination, I’m a lot deeper and wiser than I thought! 😀 I will grant that perhaps it’s my own unconscious mind explaining things to me that my conscious mind isn’t (yet) aware of, but I tell you honestly, the things that “he” tells me have never occurred to me before. This whole business about ego — which he talks about alot — is something I’d never given much thought to before, but thinking about my “issues” in that context has changed my life and my attitude, and seriously upped my happiness levels.

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