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The Significance of Dreams

originally posted Nov 5, 2014


This is me, talking here….


I am beginning to believe that dreams are a mix of images and thoughts from our own imaginations as well as images and thoughts coming from outside ourselves — from the astral plane.   Within a dream, they are so intertwined and confused by dream logic,  it’s usually impossible to figure out what’s what and which is which.

For many years after my grandfather died, he used to come to me in dreams.  We would have lovely visits.  When I think of him while awake, I tend to think of him in very specific places where I have memories of us together. But in these dreams, we were not anywhere I recognized. It was just Poppy and me, conversing in a kind of seamless glowing white space.

The first time I met him there, I was so happy to see him still alive (at least that’s how it felt in my dream.) This was just before a big family holiday and I begged him to come to dinner. Everyone would be so happy to see him! He explained that it was impossible; he could not leave this place, but he asked me to send his love to all. (Which I did, and which they accepted as having come from him.)

I dreamed of him this way for years until one day, he came to me and told me he wouldn’t be able to come around anymore.  He was about to be reincarnated as a boy. It couldn’t wait. I  was disappointed but I was happy that he’d come to say goodbye.   I never dreamed of him in that way again.

Now,  if you are a believer in the afterlife,  you might believe that my grandfather’s spirit was indeed visiting me in my sleep.  It had all the markings of a classic visitation dream in that the message and interaction and conversation were completely pure.  There was none of the twisted logic which is a hallmark of most dreams (as the Robin Williams dream previous).   The communication was clear and direct.  There were no strange or inexplicable emotions.  In fact, there was little emotion at all.  I was happy to see him, of course; happy to know he was still alive somewhere,  sorry to see him go…but there was no pain, no guilt, no anger, none of the intense emotions we often feel in dreams. No convoluted dream logic.

Skeptics might say these were perfectly normal dreams, albeit somewhat different in nature and tone from the ones we typically have. Such dreams, prove nothing to skeptics about the existence of an afterlife.

And once again,  I could not argue with them.  Neither version is provable.

The skeptics say, if there really is life after death, if this astral world really exists, why don’t these spirits show themselves and prove their existence unequivocally?  Why do all messages which are supposedly from the great beyond always seem to be revealed by woo-woo nut jobs?

But skeptics tend to consider anyone who believes in the afterlife to be a WWNJ. Thus, anyone bearing such a revelation would be, ergo, a WWNJ. It’s circular logic and thus signifies nothing.

I will ask Ipo what he thinks about this…He’s my new go-to guy for answers.  🙂


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4 thoughts on “The Significance of Dreams

  1. Janet Pipes on said:

    Part of why we all don’t see or hear from the deceased is because our personal structure and consciousness may be too earthbound – which is neither good nor bad – it’s just that we shut it out without realizing it and they can’t come through to us. And these entities on the other side may come in different ways – and sometimes we have the gift of realizing this.

    The thoughts they have on the other side that you’ve shared really does help in the concept that we’re all one – especially since it’s so difficult to love the nasty ones.

    Best wishes, Janet

  2. Janet Pipes on said:

    I have a good friend visiting from Prescott, AZ who is a wonderful psychic. She wondered if these spirits are coming to you so that you can ask angels to help them and guide them as well as giving you messages.

  3. With regard to this “woo-woo” business (as I call it), I can only believe what I feel and experience personally. I have not felt in any way that any one of these entities are asking for my help nor are they asking me to give messages to others except once (more on that in a bit.) In fact, I have no interest or desire in passing along messages, and on the rare occasion the entity tries to give me specifics, as I have once or twice, I shut off communication. I don’t want the responsibility of that “gift.” I do not believe that is my purpose in this. I will leave the messages to others.

    There was only one occasion where I felt I was getting a strong message for two friends of mine, and I passed that along. Both were very appreciative, and felt comforted by it.

    I suppose each person’s “woo-woo” gift manifests in a different way. I believe that because I am a writer, I have been enlisted to turn these “listenings” (as I call them) into the narrations you read in this blog.

  4. I enjoy your comments about your work, as well as your explanations about how you think things come to you, as much as I enjoy the posts.

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