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A Break in the Action…

Dear loyal (and new) readers,

I’ve been working on this project for over two years now and it’s been incredibly rewarding.  I’ve learned so much from my “imaginary” friends.  I hope you have, too.

If you’ve been following from the beginning,  you know that initially,  I was posting new stories every three days.  After about a year,   I could no longer keep up with that schedule, so I started republishing those original stories, interspersed with new stories.  (Two old,  one new,  every three days.)

Now we’ve come to the end of those twice-published original stories and I have decided to step back from the blog and work on putting these narratives into book form.   I think they make a lot of sense that way   —  it’s good to have some inspirational reading on  the nightstand!  My goal is to finish it in time for the holidays so (hopefully!) my loyal readers will be able to give these stories to family and friends.  (hint: makes a nice little stocking stuffer!!)

In terms of the blog, I will start the cycle again,  however I will not be adding new stories as frequently as I have in the past. I hope to come back to writing new ones on a regular basis within a few months.

Another reason for this is,  on social media, I’ve been very actively blogging about the 2016 US Election. This has been taking up a lot of my time and psychic energy.  At this point, I feel that is a far more important use of my words and mental resources.

I think of this blog as a kind of guide to deeper spiritual understanding.  The narrators talk about self-awareness and the shedding of ego, about spiritual growth and compassion for others.  They talk about learning from their mistakes (even if it takes additional lifetimes to do so.)

Trump (who scares the bejeezus out of me)  offers none of that to the world. As Ipo has taught us,  ego is  the source of all our misery and most of the world’s evil,   yet Donald exists purely to satisfy his own ego.  Although I believe that ultimately what must be will be,  and that we humans have little control over the larger plan,  I nevertheless believe he is a force of darkness, and that it is our obligation to work to defeat him by the powers of light and love.  So,  I hope you will forgive me if I invest myself, for the next few months,  in that fight.

Again,  the blog will continue, but I will mainly be republishing the posts, in order,  from the past year (both the originals and newer stories) with the occasional brand new post  when I have one to share.

Of course, I will let you all know when the book is ready for purchase!  I hope you will buy a copy for yourself and a few extras to share with friends.

As always, I appreciate your feedback, comments, and support! It’s less important to me that I reach a lot of people with this project.  It’s more important that those I do reach are moved and changed by what they have read.

With love and appreciation,


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4 thoughts on “A Break in the Action…

  1. newboldwitch on said:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Many thanks for all your hard work. I really enjoy your posts and have learned a lot from your friends on the other side.

    Not being an American, but having a friend who lives in California, I do get an inside view of your election quarrels and view politics of the west as a lesser of two evils. What ever the outcome in November, the world will still turn and I hope more peacefully in the long run.

    Enjoy your break and keep me on your list of readers.

    Love and light, Anne

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, Anne. As I said, the blog will still be posting every three days, and if you joined somewhere in the middle, now is a good time to get the story from the beginning (how it all started.).

    I am still aiming to add brand new stories every third post, as I have been doing for the past year or so, when I started recycling the original group.

    Thanks again!


  3. Janet Pipes on said:

    As a loyal reader – your BREAK IN THE ACTION is understandable. Thank you for using your spiritual energies now for the political task of using light and love to keep us on a positive course; we need this. I know others are starting prayer groups for this same purpose.

    Warm and loving regards,


  4. Janet, thank you again for your continuing support and comments! I really do appreciate them. Read my comment above to Anne…. not really going on hiatus so much as starting the cycle again with (hopefully) new posts at least every week or so.

    Remember to register to vote and VOTE BLUE right down the ticket!!!!


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