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Annual December Hiatus

Dear Readers,

As I have each year since I started writing this blog, I am taking the month of December off to focus on business (my busiest month) and the usual celebrations.

I have not discussed the election results here but I have been quite vocal in other places.

Initially, I was horrified which settled in to anger and depression.  But this blog has helped me understand current events in a broader perspective.  While I am not minimizing the disaster that I believe this administration will be not just for the US, but for the entire world,  I feel that somehow,  it was meant to be for reasons we cannot understand now.

I have felt for a long time (a couple of years) that the planet due for a MAJOR correction.  The human race cannot sustain as things are now.  Hatred is a by product of more and more people vying for fewer and fewer resources.  Over time,  automation,  robotics, and AI will take more jobs making the situation even worse.   Global climate change will precipitate droughts, flood, inhospitable conditions, new disease vectors,  famine and war.  (Hate to be a buzz kill, but I don’t see it any other way.)

It was inevitable that the shit had to hit the fan sometime.  I was hoping we had at least a couple more decades, but I fear that our new Fearless Leader will precipitate something sooner.

Whatever that “something” may be, I believe it is necessary on the spiritual level; that it’s part of the larger tapestry over which we do not have any control.  I am no longer freaked out.  (I’m not happy, mind you…)  I accept that the future will be what it will be.  I regard it as my duty to my spiritual self to take as much understanding from these unfolding events as I can.

I will work in every way I can to bring peace and understanding to the world,  while regarding whatever bad that may come as an opportunity for personal growth.   For me, it’s the only way to remain sane.

I wish all of you the very best of the holiday season.  The blog will resume the first week of January.

‘Til then,  stay strong; stay grounded; stay focused on the learning (and teaching) opportunities.


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