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End of the World



If current conditions prevail, within a generation or two, the earth will no longer be able to sustain human life. The reasons should be obvious to you by now.  Vast swaths of the planet will become uninhabitable and barren.   The population will press into the shrinking habitable areas.  There will be wars over resources — water and food and light.   The privileged few – the wealthiest and most ruthless – will retreat into protected habitats, while the rest are left to fend for themselves. The elite will not waste precious resources on human labor.  There will be automatons to do their bidding. These humans will become culturally and genetically cruel, for that will be the evolutionary trait most responsible for their survival.

But eventually, even these victors will be losers, too, for what is it to win if it means being the last humans alive on the planet?

The question is, will you humans buy yourselves enough time to find new ways to adapt to the changing environment before every one of you has perished?  Will you be able to buy enough tme to find a home elsewhere?  Will you buy enough time to find ways of undoing the damage you have done?  Or will you destroy each other first?

Human beings have always been equally resourceful and bellicose. Society can only exists when the balance weighs heavier on the former.


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One thought on “End of the World

  1. Janet Pipes on said:

    This one threw me for a loop! This could very well be a 500 year scenario.

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