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A Single Molecule of Water





(He’s been very active these last couple of weeks.  He’s kinda blowing my mind…)


What you think you are experiencing is not real.

You see the Universe only from your singular perspective.  You are but a gear in the Great Machine. You are a single ant in a hill, a mere stitch in the fabric of time. You are a single water molecule being swept inside the frothy curve of a great wave.

Because of the ego you were born with – a necessary engine for propelling the soul upward —  you are unable to imagine yourself  as so totally insignificant. Your ego, your sense of yourself in the world, is what defines your time on earth.  How you satisfy your ego directs your spiritual path.

To ascend is to shed ego, yet it is impossible for the living man to shed his ego completely. He is compelled to interact with others,  to work to feed and shelter himself.  He must confront indignities. Infirmaries. Petty jealousies.  Love and joy.  And rejection. War and deprivation and disaster. These are necessary, for it is the response to the experience, not the experience itself, which shapes the soul.

The more one remains a slave to the ego, unaware of how it controls us while we live, the more one remains bound to the earth.

For most humans, this is acceptable.  To think too much about letting go requires more work and effort and thinking and confrontation of the self than most can muster.  To them,, such a notion makes no sense.  It is completely beyond  their ability to understand.  And that is as it should be. This is their path.

Some accept the notion of this,  but purely as a theoretical concept which they cannot spiritually internalize. And that, too, is as it should be.  That is their path.

Some may spiritually internalize the concept, and understand it,  but still they do not believe they can achieve, or have no interesting in achieving, such a state.

But a few,  here and there,  the wisest among you,  work while on earth, towards the perfection of their souls.



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