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Another short hiatus from new posts…

To my faithful readers:

Things have been quite hectic here lately which is making it hard to find the necessary time to get into the deep meditative state I need in order to listen, let alone edit, post, find appropriate image, etc.

I am also working on a book version of this blog which I am HOPING to finish in time for the holidays, just in case anyone would like to buy a couple as a gift. (hint, hint.)  There’s a lot of editing involved because rather than being in the order in which I received/posted them,  I am attempting to put them in a sequence where each story informs, somewhat,  on the one before and after it.  (Like making a good mix tape! 🙂 )   As you might imagine, this is extremely time consuming.  (I must have re-read every story 15x already!)

Plus,  I am (probably unhealthily) addicted to/obsessed with political news, which is not exactly conducive to tranquil, meditative states.  I have been writing a blog on that this subject,  which I invite you to follow if the subject matter interests you: The Liberal Curmudgeon

So please forgive me if I am not able to post NEW stories as often as I have been.  (I will continue to post every three days, but instead of each third post being a fresh story,  it might be a week or so between new ones. )

I do have a few nearly finished stories almost ready to go.   I think you will really enjoy them, but they still need be edited (for the sake of coherence), posted,  added to the book in a place that makes sense.  (Each new story,  aside from the listening time,  takes about two additional hours to process.)

Please hang in there!   Once the book is finished, I will be able to devote more time to the actual listening and post new stories on a more regular basis.

Thank you all for your support, your positive feedback, and  your comments.  It is  MOST appreciated.


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