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A Message from Me

Hi All,

As I posted a couple of months ago,  I feel the need to take a break from the channeling, although not necessarily from the blog.

Those of you who have been reading for a while may recall how this whole project started:  I was practicing astral projection,  hoping to have a controlled out-of-body experience.  This, of course, requires a kind of deep meditation.  Instead of separating consciousness from body,  I started to get stories from  the Other Side (at least that’s how it felt/feels and seemed/seems.)  They were coming fast and furious, and I thought they were interesting enough to share, hence this blog. I have been doing that for coming on four years.

Obviously, I  cannot say with absolutely certainty that these narratives are otherworldly.  I grant that it’s entirely possible that I have rather tapped into a part of my unconscious I’d never explored before.  But even if I have been unconsciously creating these stories myself,  they have nevertheless been extremely valuable to me  — and I hope to you — in terms of understanding the human condition.

For example,  I have come to respect other people’s journeys. Whereas I might previously have faulted someone for their shortcomings,  I now believe that such human imperfections are not so much flaws to be condemned as the necessary obstacles in which shape our paths.   Such obstacles create the terrain of our lives and form the basis of  our lessons. Being able to recognize this is the very foundation of compassion and forgiveness.

As importantly, I have come to understand how deeply our egos impact our emotions, our behavior, our interactions with others; and how letting go of ego is the first step in letting go of much of our pain, anger, frustration, and disappointment.

And Ipo’s posts have been extremely illuminating.  In one post,  he says, essentially, that God is not an entity but rather a place,  the vantage point from which all truth can be seen.   Hell,  if I made that up myself,  I’m quite the philosopher!   I never contemplated such a thing, myself, before nor have I ever read or heard anyone else proposing such a notion.  But I think it’s a very interesting theory.

I’m not saying I will never come back to channeling these stories but for the foreseeable future, I will be focusing on turning this blog into a book (which I hope you will all buy!)  The amount of editing will be quite time-consuming which is going to limit my ability to work on the blog, itself.   I would also like to get back to my earlier attempts to fling my consciousness out of my corporeal body.  (Hubby bought me a book on the subject for the holidays.  I’m reading it now and feeling, once again, inspired.)

In the meanwhile,  I will continue to repost previously published stories, and of course, if I have any interesting results with my astral attempts,  or if a get a narrative that’s too good not to share, I will post them here.

Please feel free to continue to comment and ask questions.

Thank you all for your following!



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