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The Great Architect

First published Jan 20, 2015

earth from space

Ipo (yes, again!)

Ipo keeps coming back. He’s become my new “imaginary friend.” When I go off to meditate, my husband says, “Say hi to Ipo!” I would seriously worry about this except that my imaginary pal says such interesting things! I’ve heard about “spirit guides.”   Perhaps he is mine. This particular time, I found myself strolling through the forest with him. He was back on the subject of reality.

Absolute reality is an illusion. Reality is dependent upon position and perspective. Each human lives within his own version which differs, even if only slightly, from everyone else’s. Two people witnessing or experiencing the same event or relationship will each perceive it differently, each one believing their version is The Truth. In fact, no earthly being is high enough to have a completely clear perspective. Yet with distance, the emotion is lost, and so, that is not absolute reality either.

Human beings have many delusions about the universe but what they are most deluded about is themselves. Each human has an ego. The ego does not exist on the spiritual plane but it is necessary while alive to propel and pull them through the course they need to travel. Lessons learned along this course contribute to the development of the soul.

Living conscious humans can never completely separate themselves from their ego, regardless of how spiritually aware they may be. This is as it should be, for without ego, there is no motivation, no action, no movement, no goals, no emotion, no thought.  Yet  ego is the source of all delusion. Humans fabricate their own illusions in order to satisfy, to placate, to uplift, to defend, to justify, to support and even to deny the ego.

Ironically, the humans who are most deluded are the ones who appear to have the most control over the world around them; the kind of people other humans usually refer to as “great” – powerful rulers, captains of industry, leaders of armies.   They live under the delusion that they are the authors of their fate; that they are shaping the history of man.

In fact, they are merely tools of the Great Architect of the Universe.

The Architect alone designs and weaves the tapestry. Only the Architect sees the entire pattern — past, present and future – and spins the threads necessary to create the motifs, both large and small. The Architect knows when and where there must be shadow and light. Just as a human artist understands how a single point of white can bring alive a dark eye, so the Architect knows that goodness brings clarity to evil, and evil to goodness.   (From here on, for brevity’s sake, I shall refer to The Architect as TA. Pronouns, such as He or She imply human gender, which TA does not possess.) TA paints human history using a brush of enlightenment and darkness, war and peace, good and evil, tragedy and joy.

In so doing TA uses humans to affect these desired outcomes. Thus the conquered are as integral as the conqueror; the blind as important as the visionaries; the ignorant as important as the wise.

Ego is like an individual stitch believing itself to be the most important aspect of the tapestry.  To put aside the ego is to recognize, in humility, that we are each merely a single point in a larger design.  Only when taken together can there be a pattern.




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2 thoughts on “The Great Architect

  1. Faresalis on said:

    “Ironically, the humans who are most deluded are the ones who appear to have the most control over the world around them; the kind of people other humans usually refer to as “great” – powerful rulers, captains of industry, leaders of armies.”

    What about leaders of religions and their teaching and preaching on ^freewill^? Throughout the ages they have been indoctrinating that the belief in an eternal, singular, unchanging creator (and destroyer) of all can be reconciled with another belief that we all have ^freewill^ and therefore able to shape our own future. Anyone with a semblance of honesty in using their reasoning can already see that both beliefs cannot be mutually true. But then again, not everyone had been predestined for wisdom:-).

    Countless pages and minutes have been wasted by “religious communists” in attempting to smoke-screen the issue of freewill and predestination. Yet, even their religious scripture itself (hypocritically) admits that in the face of a supposedly-almighty God, there is no such thing as ^freewill^ –if one knows where to look for the almost-never-quoted verses.

    And throughout the ages people have persecuted, prosecuted, and murdered fellow human beings for perceiving that those they oppressed and/or killed have “chosen to sin” with their ^freewill^, whereas by upholding “supposedly-divine laws” toward them, these oppressors and killers have earned themselves a supposedly-eternal piece of allegedly-heavenly land (along with the privilege of spending the rest of eternity in it). Religion is another name for communism, and communist leaders have learned their lessons well, by seeing the mass-control techniques employed by religious leaders (use the “language” of fear of hell and hopes/ dreams of heaven, but never use the “language of critical reasoning” because wise people will have no need of your creeds).

    And just who gets to decide that there can only be ONE “great architect” of the uni (or multi-) verse(s)? We all are, as explained by George Kavassilas in the book Our Universal Journey. But still, there is no ^freewill^ because in the higher dimensions “the future has already happened”. The statement “no future is written in stone” is sarcastically true because physical objects –much less something as solid as a stone– have no place in the realm where everything had been “written” to happen in advance.

  2. Janet Pipes on said:

    Beautifully stated. Please thank Ipo for me too.

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