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An Update on the Out of Body Project:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been devoting as much time as I can to my astral projection studies.  As it’s difficult to find time during my busy day,  I mostly make my attempts when I get into bed (usually very late at night — I keep vampire hours).  Alas,  my husband gets up before dawn to go to work which means he goes to bed quite early.  Thus,  by the time I hit the hay, he’s snoring away and thrashing about.

The goal here is to separate the consciousness from the physical body.  This is made far more challenging when something keeps bringing me back to my corporeal being (i.e. my beloved’s arm flung across my chest,  the yanking off of the blankets.)    Nevertheless, I persist in my efforts.  If nothing else, it’s a relaxing way to fall asleep.

From the beginning, I have been using binaural beats,  many of which can be found on YouTube.  (THIS is my current fave, but I’ve tried many others.*)   Essentially, using headphones, you get different frequencies input into each ear, and the brain somehow “averages” them creating a different frequency inside the cranium.  Various frequencies correspond to different thought processes/brain functions (i.e. pain relief,  focus, nerve regeneration,  relaxation,  lucid dreaming, and [so they say] astral projection.)   I’ve found them generally to work incredibly well…  except for the astral projection which, to date, I’ve not had any demonstrable success with.   Listening to the binaurals before sleep, do, however, gives me amazingly vivid and detailed dreams which is always fun. Last week, in two different but connected dreams  I had a really lovely chat with Hillary Clinton (who was working as a barista,  just for shits and giggles!) and then, publicly, in front of a crowd, I  told Trump to go screw himself. Both were quite satisfying.  🙂 )

I have, from time to time, found myself very close to lift off — at least based on the precursors according to the literature on the subject.   Last week,  I felt so very close!   My body was locked down in sleep paralysis and I could feel the vibrations throughout.  My  arms felt to be other than where they actually were resting (a phenomenon I’ve experienced often since childhood.)   In this state, I visualized my consciousness leaving my body and rising up.  I cannot say for certain that I actually separated because I didn’t “go” anywhere, however there was a powerful sensation of standing above my own body, bathed in  intense white light and I felt what I can only describe as a feeling of emotional ecstasy.  It didn’t last long but it was incredibly intense, and the clear memory of it stays with me still.

I honestly don’t know if what is happening is in any way “woo” or spiritual,  or if it’s all my imagination/self-hypnosis.  Perhaps they are one and the same.

I will say, however, my psychic abilities do seem to be getting more acute.  These days, I usually know who’s on the phone before even looking at it.   Of course,  that’s another one of those not-very-useful superpowers, made superfluous by caller ID.  🙂

One of the other interesting things about this practice of what is essentially meditation, are the vivid images — almost snapshots — of places and people which  pop into my head in rapid succession,  like a slide show.   Most of them  are quite pedestrian in nature, such as a child bending down to tie a shoelace, or a person stirring a pot at the stove.  There is nothing familiar about these people or places, so I don’t believe they are memories. This makes me wonder if I am “distance viewing”.  Or,  perhaps,  they are memories — from movies,or TV shows, or even photographs which I saw long ago.    (As always,  I am trying to remain objective and scientifically skeptical about what I’m experiencing.)

I find the study of human consciousness extremely fascinating.   Lately, there have been gathering scientific theories supporting the notion that we humans receive consciousness versus it being generated within our brains. These are not widely accepted theories, but they are gaining traction.   I eagerly anticipated scientific studies undertaking in this field.  (If you want to learn more,  Google “quantum consciousness.”)

Just started reading “The Emperor’s New Mind” — Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics by Roger Penrose,  a mathematics professor from University of Oxford.  He shared the 1988 Wolf Prize with Stephen Hawking, so he’s no slouch. 🙂  The book, itself, was written in 1989, but so far there doesn’t seem to be anything terribly anachronistic about it.



*Here’s my current list of fave binaurals for this particular project but I encourage you to experiment and find ones that work for you.  And if you DO find one that’s effective, please share it!  Remember,  you need to be wearing headphones or at least earbuds for this.  (Soft headphones are best if you want to use the binaurals before or during sleep.)

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