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A Now, a Word From Your Sponsor…

Me again.  Just giving you a progress report…

I’ve been working on the book most every night.  Damn, it’s a lot of work!   As I mentioned before,  at the suggestion of a friend and loyal reader, I’m putting the stories in an order so that they flow better, whereas in the blog, they are posted in the order they came me.

As I’m working, I’m realizing how much more impact and meaning each story has when surrounded by thematically similar or related stories.   That work is mostly done, but I continue to tweak here and there.   I’m now on my third read-through/edit/refinement.   Wow!  Sorry about all those typos!  I’m only just finding many of them now. (And I’m usually I’m such a perfectionist!)   Hopefully the finished book won’t have any!

Once, this next read-through/edit is finished,  I will put it all into a format ready for printing, and I’ll order a hard copy.  Then I’ll go through it yet again and likely make additional changes.

I’ve written a couple of other books in the past,  through major publishers, and man, it’s nice to have a professional editor and a book designer and a layout person!  It’s nice to be responsible for the words, only.  In this case,  however, I have to do it all myself.

Hopefully,  even though many of you have read the blog through a couple of times already,  you will buy the book anyway (hint! hint!).  I  believe we all can get a lot more out of these narratives when they’re in book form, where they can be read a few at a time,  perhaps before bed as a kind of meditation.  I imagine some of them will be reread many times,  as we work on those particular lessons in our real lives.   And of course,  I’m hoping you will buy one (or a couple as gifts) to help support the work of the blog.  (I know there is advertising on the pages,  but I don’t get any of that revenue.  It all goes to WordPress.)

So start saving up your shekels!

And now…back to the salt mines.  (Editing mines?)


P.S.  I am also  working on another class for Skillshare (online learning site) called Humor Writing (and How to Think Like a Funny Person) – Level 2.  If you’d like to take Level 1,   you can find it here.  Come on!  You know you want to be funny!  I’m teaching all my tricks!   (If you aren’t familiar with Skillshare, it’s rather like Netflix for learning.  Hundreds of classes on all kinds of subjects, for a low monthly subscription fee.  Check it out!)


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