The Lives of the Dead

Some of the most interesting people I meet are dead…

Need Your Input

Hi all,

It occurred to me recently that to really excel at one’s chosen enterprise, whether creative,  emotional, professional, or even criminal,  it’s extremely helpful to understand people what makes people tick.  You need to be able to get inside the heads of others to  know their fears, their dreams, their fantasies, their insecurities, the person they imagine themselves to be,  the person they hope to become, the person they fear they are.  In this way, you can negotiate the best possible outcome for yourself.   The ability to put yourself in the shoes of others is an extremely useful life skill.

I believe that this blog (and the book) can help you think in those terms; to help you see others the way they see themselves, and thus to become better negotiators (ideally in win-win situations.)

I have been toying with the idea of using the blog/book as a jumping off point for a series of discussions on these, and other useful life skills.  For example, the notion that  our pain and disappointment is a result of being tethered too tightly to our egos.   Once you understand that,  a lot of the suffering evaporates.

I would be most interested in hearing from regular readers,  to know if you have learned anything from reading this blog — anything that can be shared and taught to others, with guidance — as I work up a curriculum of sorts.



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One thought on “Need Your Input

  1. Hi. A couple of things.

    1) The big picture. I love the concept of having an afterlife to look at the long view — why things happened, what we learned, etc. In addition, reading about these analyses confirms that there IS an afterlife. At some point, we seem to take that for granted.

    2) Each person’s experience is so different. You write about lives I can’t imagine. Living in the woods in isolation, forced marriages, marriages of convenience, being forced to mourn, etc. There is so much variety. It confirms that whatever experience we are seeking is available for us to choose.

    Good luck with your work.


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