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My First Regression



Hey all,

As promised,  a report on a session I did on one of my fellow attendees at Dr. Brian Weiss’s Past Life Regression workshop at the Omega Institute last week. Sorry for the delay in posting.  It was a lot harder than I thought to write this up.  There was a lot of detail and I didn’t want to forget anything.  As a matter of reference,  the entire regression lasted about 45 minutes to an hour.

I will preface this by saying that my subject, RW, is, herself, a trained hypnotist so she was able to go into trance quickly and easily.  That’s half the battle right there.

Once the subject is under, there are many way to regress, which I will not go into here.  However Dr. Weiss taught us one technique which appealed to me very much.  I used it on RW and I suspect it will be my  first ‘go to” tool that I use when regressing future clients.

For those of you unfamiliar with hypnosis, I should point out that when in trance, one is deeply relaxed but not unconscious. The subject is able to talk, to follow instructions, and respond to questions. RW and I even were able to joke and laugh a bit, while she was still in trance. A trance is just focused attention, either on a task or inwards.  It is a way to release the critical mind and allow the unconscious to come to the surface.  You’d be amazed what’s down there!


Once RW is in trance,  I ask her to think back to a happy or meaningful memory from childhood. I like this method because most everyone can recall their own childhood easily. There’s nothing mysterious about it.  This state of mind, this remembering something distant but familiar, is both relaxing and pleasant for the subject, and most important, it leads them backwards, down memory lane. It puts them in just the right frame of mind to go deeper into their memories as they go deeper into trance.

RW quickly pulls up a memory of being a young child, playing “horsey” on her family farm in Australia, with her brother and sister. They take turns, straddling the fence, riding the “horse.” She can see many details of her surroundings, in part because she spent her entire childhood on that farm. This is a happy but neutral recollection.

I then ask her to go back further, to her earliest memory. It only takes her a few seconds for her to find herself in a pram, being pushed by her mother along the shopping street, on her way to errands.  There is another woman walking with them but RW can’t quite place her. She thinks it might be her grandmother who is so much younger here in this memory than she remembered her as an adult that she’s unrecognizable. She is wearing a brown coat.

We are not in that memory for very long when, without any prompting from me, this woman morphs into a man in a brown coat, and then into a man in a white wig and clothing that seems to be from the time of the French Revolution. RW is also surrounded by women in white. Nuns, perhaps?  She isn’t sure.  But she knows that the man is powerful and malevolent, and they are afraid of him.  They step away in trepidation.

The imagery and emotions are powerful but this memory is nebulous.  She is not sure if these entities were living beings she knew in a previous lifetime or she was seeing them in the “in between” – after death/before birth. We waited a while to see if she could get any more info on them, but nothing else came.  She could not say who they were, or what their purpose was, or what their relationship to her or each other was.

Then she notices three men dressed in long black coats, with heavy black beards, wearing  tall black hats.  Perhaps Russian or Eastern Orthodox clergy?  That feels right to her.  Slowly, she feels herself in her “then” body – sitting on an ornate golden throne richly upholstered in lush red velvet.

Her eyes are closed, but in her head, she is looking all around this room. I can see her eyes moving behind her lids as she scopes out all corners of this vision. “I’m in very opulent surroundings. Everything is gilded, ornate… like Versailles but that’s not where I am.”  She can even describe the intricately patterned marble floor.

“Look at yourself,” I say. “Who are you?”

Eyes closed, she scopes out her own body and a slight look of disgust crosses her face.  “I am really fat.  Bloated. I’m dressed in velvet robes. I think there is fur trim.  Sort of like Henry the Eighth, but that’s not who I am.”   She looks at her hand, curiously, and reports a heavy gold ring with large gemstones.  It’s very clear to her.  Once again, she uses the word “opulent” to describe herself and her surroundings.  She keeps coming back to this word.  In this lifetime, she is a person of great power.

“How old are you now?” I ask.

“Forty” she says, checking in the corners of her mind to be sure. “Yes. Forty.”

“Who are these men?” I ask.

“They are religious elders but I’m not afraid of them. They cannot make me follow their will.  I am more powerful than they are. I am perfectly confident that no one and nothing can challenge my authority. Not at all worried about my position.”

“How did you attain this power?”

“Combination of birthright and manipulation. I played the game very well.  I got rid of all my enemies.”

“Let’s go ahead to the end of your life. How old are you now?”

She gave me a specific age in her 50s (fifty-two, I think) and I was surprised that she knew exactly how many years into the future she had gone – not a general estimate of “several” or “a decade or so”  She actually did the math. “Yes. I live for twelve more years.”

“How do you die”? I ask.

She is again in her body, just before she passes. A look of discomfort and self-disgust spreads across her face. “I feel sick. I’m even fatter than I was before. I can’t even bend over to see my own feet. I feel awful. Seriously ill.”

“Have you been poisoned?” I ask, curious.

“No. It’s just that all these years of decadence and indulgence and laziness have caught up with me.  I have all the diseases one might get living like that  – gout, diabetes, liver and kidney problems.  I’m at the end.”

“Let’s move ahead to your death, without feeling any pain.”

“I see a large room with two rows of female entities in white. Nuns, maybe. Or nurses. They are all around me.”

“Are you in the in-between or are you witnessing your own funeral?”

“I’m not sure.  Could be either.”

And then, “Oh. There is a woman here with me on the other side.  She is sort of laughing at me, scolding me, saying ‘I told you so!’

“Who is she?”

“I’m not sure.  Somebody I knew in my lifetime.”

“What had she told you?”

“She warned me that I was too opulent, too self-indulgent. I had the power to make people’s lives better but I did not. I took it all for myself. I did not learn my lesson. And now I’m going to have to do it again.”

“Who do you think she is?  If she could speak to you like that in your lifetime, she must have been somebody who had your ear, someone you respected, whose advice you generally valued.  If you were as powerful as you say, there could not have been many who’d have been comfortable talking to you that way.”

She agreed with this logic but wasn’t getting any specific information on what the relationship was.

“She is older than me.  Old enough to be my mother, but it’s not my mother.  Maybe my wife?”

“Like an arranged marriage?” I asked.

“Maybe…” but still, she wasn’t sure.

We discussed whether such a powerful man would take advice from an arranged wife, and agreed probably not. So she went back inside to see if she could get an answer.

“Perhaps she was your nurse or nanny that you knew from childhood. She might have felt comfortable enough to talk to you that way,” I suggested.

She agreed that a nanny would sort of fit the energy, but still, she wasn’t certain. It was somebody who was not concerned that she’d receive his wrath for giving him unsolicited advice.  (Maybe, I realized later, it was an older sister or other relative.)

[note: some might think this is leading the subject, but as Dr. Weiss pointed out, subjects are not so easily led.  They know what they are seeing and feeling and experiencing.  As you have read, RW and I discuss only logical possibilities based on the information she is giving me. If that doesn’t feel right to her, she rejects it. I am not leading her anywhere.]

“She was right” she continues.  “I gave in too easily to my desires.  I was opulent and ungenerous. I took it all for myself and didn’t care for anyone else.”

She took a while to digest all that, later explaining to me how this lesson had relevance to and resonance in her current lifetime. (It’s personal, so not sharing.)

She was still in trance and seemingly moving around quite well in the realm on the other side, so I suggested we move forward into another lifetime.

And she did.  Into one more recent.  It was quite vivid with an even greater impact on her current life.  But that will have to wait for my next post.



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