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Some Notes from RW

Hi All,

I’m still working on the second half of the regression but I wanted to share the comments RW made on the previous post.

“I just read your blog;  you captured the session beautifully.  I want to mention something else about the regression.  It’s a small thing but it is fascinating to me. When I was regressed to the opulent man and I was looking at my red robe, I heard the fur trim being described as a particular word – ermine. I didn’t know the word,  and so I thought that maybe I had misheard and he was saying, vermin. But it didn’t seem right that I had vermin trim on my robe. I Googled ermine a few days later and saw that it was indeed used to trim the robes of royalty.  Fascinating!”

This kind of thing comes up often both in regressions and in the kind of “hearing the dead” type readings that I do.   You get some bit of specific info and you don’t know what it means because you’ve never heard it before, but when you research it,  you discover that the info is correct.  Now, I suppose it can be argued that this info was deep in our brains already (maybe we read about it or heard about it and forgot that we knew it) and with hypnosis,  it comes to the surface.   But even if that is so, it just proves that we can access a lot of deep info while in trance.


For those of you in the US,  wishing you a relaxing &/or meaningful Memorial Day Weekend. Stay safe!

I send thanks and appreciation to all who have nobly served and given their lives for their country. Thanks to them and their families for their sacrifice.

Back atcha next week!


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