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My First Regression – Part Deux


(If you have not read the first part of the RW’s regression, you can read it here.)

After witnessing her own life and death as a powerful and opulent man, and visiting the inbetween just long enough to meet the woman who chastises him for a life of self-indulgence, RW quickly moves into another life with barely a suggestion from me. This experience,  like the one before,  is intensely physical.  She can literally feel herself inside those bodies.

[NB: during regression, subjects don’t always travel back and forth in time chronologically.  There can be a lot of skipping around. So even though RW’s next experience is probably the lifetime immediately prior to her current life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she was in the inbetween for hundreds of human years.  There might have been other lifetimes which she just skipped over.]

As she settles in to this new body, her entire physical demeanor changes.  She sort of collapses into herself and seems to be in pain, or at least extremely uncomfortable.

“Who are you?” I ask.

She is a little girl.  She looks down and describes a pair of new, patent leather Mary Jane shoes and the skirt of a nice dress. She can move her legs but she can barely move her upper torso.

“I feel as if I’m in a cage of some kind,” she says, trying to adjust herself.  “I’m trapped in it.  I can’t move.”

“What kind of cage?” I ask. “Like a cage for a dog or a medical device, say for scoliosis?”

“Medical.  Like for scoliosis.  But that’s not what’s wrong with me.”

She goes deeper inside to get more information.

“I was in a car accident. I can see the car. It’s an old-fashioned one,  from the 1930s or 40’s.”

“How old are you now?” I ask.

“I’m six.”  She “feels” around inside for more info.  “There’s something wrong with me mentally, too. It’s hard for me to communicate. They are treating me as if I’m mentally slow.”

She ponders this for a bit and finally says,  “No. The problem isn’t mental.  I can think OK.  The problem is this contraption is making it difficult for me to talk; maybe it’s pressing against my larynx. I’m not sure. Because I can’t talk, they think I’m slow.”

She continues, “I am very well loved.  My parents take great care to dress me impeccably and get the best possible medical attention available.  But I feel like a valued object. They talk to the doctors about me with me in the room, as if I can’t hear or understand.  I am moved around by others. I have no autonomy.  I am literally in a cage.  This is my life.  I never get better.”

“How old are you when you die?” I ask.

“Eleven,” she answers quickly.

She is moving around in her chair,  as if trying to get comfortable, but cannot.

“Heal the girl,” I suggest.

And with that, RW starts “de-crinking” herself,  moving like a Transformer.  It’s as if she is putting herself back together, bone by bone.   This goes on for quite a while, neither of us saying anything.  She is completely focused on rebuilding that broken body.

RW has some back problems in her current life, which she’d mentioned to me the day before. We sat next to each other in the all-day seminars and neither of us could quite get comfortable in a basic folding chair. We both futzed around with the various seating options: cushions, Back Jacks on the floor, Back Jacks on the folding chairs, yoga blocks under our feet.  She’d mentioned that her back problems were chronic, the result of a car accident many years ago (in her current lifetime.)

Watching her fix herself was quite a sight!  She was looser than she’d been for several days I’d known her.  She was moving her neck, shoulders, and upper back freely, without pain. I certainly wasn’t going to interrupt her! However long she wanted to do that, was fine with me.  She seemed to be getting better before my eyes.

After about ten minutes, she opened her eyes and spontaneously came out of trance,  still working out the kinks.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Amazing.  My back actually feels better!  That suggestion to heal the girl was perfect.  And I know I can go back to her, on my own, in my own time, and continue to repair her injuries. And as I do, I think I will repair my own back problems.”

All in all,  it was quite a successful session in that she got information and lessons from both lives that were pertinent to and useful in her current life.

I suppose now I’ve been spoiled by having had such a good first client and productive first regression.  I know that not everyone is able to go so deep or see so much.  But I am looking forward to working with others.  I am confident that the more I do it,  the better I will become at asking the right questions to help them find the lessons inside.

Even if one is does not believe in reincarnation,  they can still benefit from such a regression.  Whatever comes up is still significant information from the unconscious mind. Thus, even if these past life memories are purely metaphorical or allegorical, they still have tremendous value in the pursuit of self-knowledge and personal growth.  They can offer new perspectives and paths to understanding our fears, our ingrained habits,  the psychological reasons why we may be susceptible to certain illnesses.



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