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A Note from Me…

In rereading the origins of this project,  it occurs to me that even years later, these stories and surroundings are as vivid to me as if I had experienced them myself and seen them with my own eyes.

I’ve been a writer pretty much all my life and I do not recall the details in my own stories as clearly as the details of these. In some cases, I might find something I wrote a while ago on my computer or in a pile of old papers,  and I barely recall having written it.   You might think that something from my own imagination would be MORE vivid.

My point is that these narratives feel much more real to me than something I’ve made up out of whole cloth.

Of course, this hardly proves that these tales are, indeed, from the Great Beyond,  but it seems relevant to mention how they feel to me,  how I perceive them, and how they come to me.  As I mentioned in a previous post,  if I try to steer a story in certain direction (as I might if I were writing it myself),  it strongly resists.  Occasionally, if I want more detail,  or if I think I know where it’s going, I might make suggestions.  When they are wrong, I definitely get push back;  I can FEEL when they’re not the narrator’s own words.

Certainly, as a writer, I could just create stories out of my own head.  It would provide a lot more regular content for the blog. I would never to that however, because a) it would be dishonest to my readers,  but b) it would be a betrayal to those on the other side who’ve entrusted me to share their stories.

Thus, I can only share with you what has been shared with me, and if it’s longer between new stories,  well,  so be it.  I hope you understand why…


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