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Trippy, man

First published Aug 28, 2018

My husband has just become certified in somatic body work.  One of the things they learned was holotropic breath work which he said was positively trippy.   Coincidentally,  I am reading Michael Pollan’s excellent book, How to Change Your Mind, about the history of therapeutic psychedelics, both medical (mostly LSD and psilocybin) and shamanic (mushrooms and  ayahuasca).

Since I do not have access to any psychedelics,  I am going to try experimenting with holotropic breath work.   Have any of you readers tried it?  Any thoughts?  Experiences to report?  Please share!    Music/drumming is helpful in keeping the rhythm, so if you know of any good tracks,  I’d love to know about them.   Also:  a Vogue article

I will keep you posted…but as I might have mentioned previously,  we are moving in the fall, and right now, I am crazed with packing and all the other stuff involved with selling a home (actually two) and buying another.  No time to be trippin’!   Once we’re settled in,  I hope to have many new and interesting posts.   Thanks, as always, for your patience and indulgence.



Update:  March 2020    I still have not had the chance to try holotropic breath work but I have been reading Stanislav Grof’s “Way of the Psychonaut” which is quite interesting.  It’s not a difficult read but it’s the kind of work you need (well, I need) to read slowly, and digest it in small bites.  Reading some philosophy, too.

I begin my Reiki Master certification in a couple of weeks. (Hubby already got his in January.)  The more I do it, the more it seems to work.  More than anything, it’s a way of thinking, of focusing energy, and of visualization while breathing.   My teacher, Lorrie,  hold biweekly meetups in which she reads tarot,  does Reiki visualization/trance work,  sound bath with large crystal bowls and a gong.  I LOVE the bowls!  I could be happy just lying there and letting the sound and vibrations wash over me for an hour.  Alas,  because Lorrie does so many things, and because there is discussion, there isn’t much time.   Also, last week, we did some aura viewing.  That was the first time I was able to actually see an aura.     I call her meetups Woo-Woo PuPu because it’s a little bit of everything woo.   It’s a nice group of people, many of whom where in my Reiki training, and who will be in the master group.  It’s nice to be among people who have various psychic abilities.

I haven’t been doing much channeling of late.  I am exploring other aspects of psychism to see if I have any abilities elsewhere.  Also, I’ve been volunteering for local free alternative medicine clinics. Various practitioners offer their services to the community (Reiki, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnosis, etc.)  That’s another nice group of people.   I’ve also become a literacy volunteer which is wonderful — I adore my learner — but takes up a big chunk of mental energy.

I’ll keep you all posted if/when anything new happens on the psychic frontier!

Stay safe, everyone.  Wash your hands often,  and as if you have to put in your contact lenses but just cup up a dozen jalapenos!



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