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Dream a Little Dream of Me



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I’ve been having strange dreams of late.  Vivid, elaborate dreams aren’t anything new for me but now I’ve been having dreams in which I am not a player.  Usually we feature prominently in our own dreams, nightmares, and even fantasies.  But in these dreams,  I’m watching other people in very “normal” settings (i.e. not at all the bizarro surrealistic stories that usually play out while asleep.)  Everything about them is pedestrian. They are short little scenes which feel quite real.  For example…

The other night, I saw an older married couple who had retreated to their weekend place in the country to spend their self-isolation.  They had not seen their adult daughter in a while and they missed her. They had all previously agreed that if she remained socially isolated for two weeks, she could come visit them in their house, which was a four-hour drive from where she lived.

It’s late at night, when she shows up.  She is not alone.  She is with her boyfriend (whom the parents have only met a couple of times) AND his parents.  The BF’s father gets out of the car first and knocks on the door.  The father opens up, expecting his daughter.  When he sees this unknown man, his first reaction is, “Who the hell are you?”   The man fully expects to be allowed right in,  but the father blocks his entrance, and remains safely behind the glass storm door.

The daughter gets out of the car with her BF and comes over to the door.  “Hi, Dad.  You remember [BF].  These are his parents.  I suggested they come along to get away from the city for a while.”

The father is shocked. Angry. Indignant.  “I’m not letting these people in here. I don’t know them.  We agreed that only you would come visit.  We never discussed anyone else.  Why did you invite other people?”

“Well, they’ve also been self-isolating for two weeks, just like me. They’ve been taking precautions.  None of us are sick.  I thought it would be nice for you all to get to know each other, and for them to get out of their apartment; get some fresh air.”

The father is dumbstruck. He cannot believe his daughter has that much chutzpah.

“Are you out of your mind?  We have been up here, alone, for almost two months, and you want us to throw that all away for people we don’t know?  For all you or they know, they could be asymptomatic carriers.”

Meanwhile, the BF’s father is getting antsy because he has to use the bathroom (hence his mad rush to the door.)  He asks to come in, just to use the toilet.

“Absolutely not!” says the father. “Go pee in the woods over there.”    He tells them all to get back in the car and leave.

“But we’ve driven four hours to get here, and now you want us to drive back another four hours?  Let us just stay the night and we’ll leave in the morning.”

“Forget it!   Not only will I not let THEM come in, but I don’t want you here either.  You’ve been sitting in a closed car with them. For all I know, you’ve been infected.”

This argument goes back and forth for a bit.  The daughter and the father are both angry at each other.  (I’m mentally siding with the father, but I understand why the daughter is upset, too.  She wants to protect her BF and his parents from the rampant infections in the city. Her parents have a nice big house, far from everyone.  Why shouldn’t they share it with others?)

In the end, the father sends them away.  The mother, who  has been watching from several feet back,  is upset at having alienated the daughter.  Had she answered the door instead of her husband,  she would have given in to the daughter’s guilt trip.  But she also understands her husband’s position.


The whole thing felt very real which makes me ask myself,  was it just an odd kind of dream or did I astrally project and actually witness this scenario among living people?   What do you think?


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