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Moving Forward…

Hey all,

Sorry, I haven’t published anything new in a while. It’s been a tough few years here in America, what with Combover Caligula sucking vast amounts of our psychic/emotional/spiritual energy, hijacking our nervous systems and mental focus. Certainly the election results were a great relief, but we’re not in the clear yet. It ain’t over until he’s GONE…and he’s not leaving so quickly or easily. Predictions are that these next few months will be the worst of all, which is terrifying.

And of course, there’s still the pandemic to worry about. Things are pretty dire now here, and mathematically and exponentially the infection and death rates will continue to climb. Fortunately, New York State is in relatively good shape, but things are not so great elsewhere, and that affects us all.

Through all this, it’s been hard to put myself in the right frame of mind for channeling. Instead, I’ve been working on lots of small creative projects which are somehow easier to focus on and provide relatively immediate gratification which I need these days. (I recommend it!)

We still have a lot of work to do to get this country back in shape, and the ugliness and stupidity won’t end once he’s out of office. Personally, I can’t wait to never hear his name again!

Hopefully sometime in the not-to-far future, I will be able to get back to this project and channel more stories. I miss my “imaginary friends.”

As for you, dear readers, please stay safe! Stay home! If you must leave the house, wear a mask. Try to maintain your sanity as best you can. Let’s get through this and put 2020 behind us!!


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