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Important Life Lesson – Addendum

Charlotte Fox was one of the world’s most well-known mountain climbers.  (Read the obit).   And in the absolute irony of ironies,  she died not tumbling into a crevice on Everest or by any of the hundreds of other ways one might die while ascending the world’s highest peaks.   No.  She died falling down the stairs at home.

Imagine all the times she came home from a treacherous climb,  grateful at having successfully conquered another ascent, her friends and family undoubtedly relieved to have her home where she was safe and no longer in mortal danger.

It certainly seems that at times the Universe/God/The Gods/Fate gets a sadistic thrill out of kicking humanity in the pants, if only to teach us that we know nothing.  This goes to the point I made in a recent post:   To think we have control over our lives is pure fantasy…so stop trying to control everything; stop obsessing about things you cannot control. Ride the wave.  See where it goes.

RIP, Ms. Fox.



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