The Lives of the Dead

Some of the most interesting people I meet are dead…

Shmoozing with the Deceased

I honestly can’t tell if I’m actually hearing/feeling the stories of the dead or if they’re coming from somewhere deep inside my own psyche/imagination.  Until I receive some specific info which can be corroborated by external sources (if I ever receive such info)  I make no claims either way. Readers can decide for themselves.

I can only say,  this is NOT the way I normally write — not style-wise and not process-wise.  When I write my own stuff,  I edit edit edit a million times… always polishing, tweaking along the way.    These stories, however, just come to me, as if I’m taking dictation.  They literally write themselves.  I rarely go back and change anything (and when I do, the changes are very minor, and usually just for clarification.)  In fact, I don’t feel compelled to tweak, edit and polish as I do with my own work.

When I write my own stuff,  I sit down with a clear story arc in mind.    With these,  usually a sentence pops into my head;  once I write it down, I get  another then another.   I have no idea, consciously,  where they are going.  They  resist my leading them where I want them to go.    I am often surprised at the end.

I recognize that both skeptics and believers can make solid arguments for their positions, and they seem to cancel cancel each other out.   For example,  sometimes,  I first feel a particular emotion before a story comes,  maybe for several hours or even a day before.  A skeptic might say I am just writing the story to express that emotion.  I cannot logically argue with that.    On the other hand, a believer might say,  that initial emotion I’m feeling is the first indication of a “presence.”     Or perhaps my own natural emotions make me receptive/empathetic to the emotions of those on the other side who wish to tell their story.    (They are looking for someone who understands and can express their story/feelings with clarity.)

I, myself, waver between both these explanations, and will probably continue to do so until I feel there is enough “proof” on either side.



2 thoughts on “Shmoozing with the Deceased

  1. I love it, can’t wait to read more!

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