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My Annual December Hiatus


Dear Reader,

December is a busy month for many of us, what with holidays, parties,  social and family obligations,  vacations,  visiting guests,  travel, shopping. In my particular biz,  (party entertainment)  it’s the busiest month of the year.    Soooo…I’m taking a break for the month of December and will be back with some new stories the Monday after New Year’s weekend.

Until then,  I encourage you to skip around and read or re-read previously published stories.   If you haven’t read them before,  the first few posts might be of interest. They explain how this whole project began, starting with the first posts on April 5, 2014,  Imagine What I Could Save on Airfare  and April 9, 2014,  The Weirdness Begins.  They might help give these narratives some kind of perspective.

Also,  rereading old posts with new insights might allow you to understand the narrator (or yourself) differently.   (This is certainly true, even for myself.)  Everything we learn informs on everything else we learn; everything we experience colors all future experiences.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year.  It’s a good time to pray for peace, and to remember our own humanity when the ugly things going on around us might make us want to lash out in anger.   It’s a good opportunity to confront our own fears and prejudices;  to re-examine what might be over-emotional reactions;  to take a deep breath, forget what we think we know, and put ourselves, at least for a moment, in the shoes of others.

All the best to you and yours!





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