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I Am A Reiki Mastahhhh!


My Reiki Master training is complete!   My teacher/sensei, Lorry Salluzzi, led us through the final initiations via Zoom, which worked incredibly well, to all our amazement — even hers. (She will be taking us through the final initiation again, in person, once this nightmare of a pandemic is over.)

Most of the others worked with another student who was miles away (two in another states and one in another country.)  Fortunately, I’m locked inside for the duration of our isolation with my husband (who got his “masters” from Lorry in January) so I was able to use him as my subject.  During one meditation/healing session, Lorry instructed the senders to visualize taking in energy through our crown chakra and sending it out to our partner.  She didn’t specify what shape or color the energy should be, nor to what body part it should be sent, or how it should manifest.  “Wherever you feel the other person needs it.”

After this exercise, we compared notes.

Amazingly, each of us was able to not just feel the sent energy,  but we could identify where we felt it,  if it had a color or shape, etc.   One woman described a feeling of her hair being played with; her sender had visualized comfortingly stroking her head.  Some described specific colors — one duo sent/received an indigo blue cloud to the crown chakra.   When I sat across from M,  I visualized a kind of horizontal rainbow emanating from all of my chakras, flowing across to his,  imbuing them with energy and healing.  When asked what he’d felt,  he described exactly what I had sent.  This wasn’t just a nebulous imagined warm feeling of, “Yeah, I felt energy” — we each felt exactly what the other one was sending.

You’d think that by the time a person becomes a Master, they already be well convinced of Reiki power but you guys know I’m a skeptic; an eye-roller at woo-woo nonsense.  Still, even I have to admit, that was some pretty strong evidence that the transfer of energy is real.

I have been sending Reiki energy to anyone I hear about who is sick — and Dog knows, these days, a LOT of people are ill.   Several friends who have been sick recently told me that receiving that energy was the turning point in their recovery.  I’d be happy to send you or your loved ones some healing energy if you/they are ill. Just message me. (I need a first and last name and a location) I will be happy to include them in my daily meditation.

Below, I’m including below short hypnotic audio I made to help with relaxation and overall physical & mental well-being.  (It give it to clients for use after/between sessions. )  It runs about 17 minutes, so if you’re feeling stressed, or if you’d just like a little relaxing interlude during the day, or need to chill out before bed,  get comfortable and have a listen.  I hope you will give it a try and let me know if it helped.

(music by David C. Wilborn)


P.S.  Happy 420 day!


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