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The Wide Eternal River



We are each of us born into the wide, eternal river.  One human may enter the waters in a safe harbor, clear and calm. Another, into a turbulent, exhausting whirlpool.  along we are swept,  each on our own journey, sometimes catching in eddies or pounded upon rocks or tumbling over falls or perhaps floating in peaceful pools; always colliding with others, sometimes clinging to them for a while.

We do not control the river.  We can only control ourselves. Some learn to swim.  Some are ever dragged along.  And even still,  the best navigator can be tossed or battered or become trapped.  And some who relinquish all effort to control encounter nothing but wide, peaceful waters.

Then comes the time when we must step out of the river, as it flows on without us. We travel on, along the bank, contemplating the flow and the struggle,  until it’s time for us to step into it again.



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image:  loop water GIF by weinventyou

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