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Your Golem




This man you call your leader is not a damaged human being. He is a perfect Golem. A thing without a soul. A roaring, infinite black hole pulling everything in its path into its center. It is an insatiable, mindless monster tearing off greater and greater chunks of the world, shoving it two-fisted into its ravenous maw without consideration except to its own hunger.

He is not human yet you persist in believing that he will behave in human ways.

You apply human terms to him to try to make sense of his behavior. You are shocked when he shows no empathy or compassion or remorse.  But he was not created for this.  You cannot apply human morality to him.  He is as amoral as a tornado or a hurricane, destroying without discretion.

He is not human  He is a golem created by you, from all your fears and neglect, while you slept. And now he has slipped his bonds.

His power commands your regard. Your focus feeds him, yet you are unable to turn away. He is a gale force wind rending the house in two.  He is flood waters drowning all reason. He is fire, setting forests aflame and blackening the wilderness. He is a mass murderer, set wild in the town. He is all these things at once and you cannot ignore him, even knowing that he thrives and grows stronger by your attention.

Just as the problems, worries, concerns, failures, disappointments which arise in the lives of individual humans are the result of their own emotional, mental and psychological conditions, and their unwillingness or inability to confront them, so this Golem has been created by the collective consciousness in the same manner.  You have birthed this monster with your hatred and fear. He will continue to devour you until you confront these issues which give him power.

You are at a crossroads. The choices you make now, together, will define the future of the human race.

This is not about him.

It is about you.


Me:   I’m thinking this is not the end of the world; just the the end of the world as I want to live in it.


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