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Yoo-Hoo! Lou! ‘Zat you?

Lou Reeds?


A revisiting of my astral experimentations from last year.  As most regular readers know,  this was about the end of my deep dives into this stuff because shortly thereafter we sold our apartment and I was crazed with packing,  looking for a new place, finding a new place, moving,  unpacking,  setting up, etc etc.  I’m only just now,  a year later,  feeling semi-settled enough to get back into it  (although the vivid hypnogogic images never abated, and still, sometimes make it hard to fall asleep,)

Some other news!  My husband and I have found office space in Kingston, NY in which to see clients.  While I can certainly do regular hypnosis for a variety of issues (anxiety, smoke cessation, weight loss),  I plan on specializing in Past Life Regression.  So… if you’re in the area and would like to schedule a session,  give me a shout!

First published May 18, 2018

I think I’m finally getting somewhere. Maybe literally. While I still don’t feel as if I’m leaving my body and walking around outside of it , there are some new developments.  First, when I go into my meditative state, I’m feeling a sensation that I would describe as a  slight shift of my energy which sort of “flickers” away from me and then snaps back. It’s like one of those lenticular “winky” pictures that you’d get in a box of Cracker Jack. Or that slight difference in perspective when you put your glasses on, then take them off, then put them on, then take them off.  I guess you could call it a vibration in that it’s cyclical energy, but it’s not the tingly feeling along my nerves which I’ve experienced before. It’s less a physical sensation than a perceptive one.

Also, the vivid hypnogogic images are coming almost as soon as I close my eyes, and they keep coming fast as long they remain closed. The other night, I was finding it difficult to fall asleep because they were so intense and frequent. As always, they are not particularly interesting by themselves. For example, the other Saturday evening after yoga, during my shavasana, I saw clearly a stand of high and bushy grasses with white feathery tops in a narrow patch along the side of a road. They were being sprayed,  possibly with water so the area would not be dry and flammable, or maybe with insecticide or herbicide.  I could not see who or what was doing the spraying.  If I were going to imagine something,  I’d like to think I’d imagine something considerably more interesting.   Yet it was as if I were standing right there, looking at it.

So I wonder,  are these just “brain regurgitations” of things I’ve seen before which my conscious mind has forgotten, or is it distance viewing?  I have no idea.

Also,  the other evening, while in this state, I saw flashes of light with my eyes closed.  It wasn’t actual light (i.e. not lightning or a car outside) but rather a kind of explosion of light in my head.  Very intense. Very brief.

I am just reporting my experiences.  I am truly not sure if they are “woo” or if there is a physiological explanation.

If I am, indeed, distant viewing, at the moment, I have no control over what I’m looking at so once again, as superpowers go, it’s a lame one.  (I seem to be the Queen of Lame Superpowers.)

But here’s a nifty little thing that happened on Mother’s Day:  somebody I follow on Twitter mentioned that he set his music system on random and asked for a message via music from his mother. The song that came on had specific meaning for him. I mentioned that I think Lou Reed spoke to me in the same way,  and I posted the link to the story.  The moment I posted it,  Lou’s New York Conversation immediately came on MY randomized music system!  “I am calling, yes I’m calling, just to speak to you…”  That’s twice.  I suppose it could be a coincidence but hey, maybe Lou IS trying to communicate with me, if only because I am open to listening.  Perhaps I should talk back?  (Now I have this image of Maureen Stapleton in the original movie version of  Bye-Bye Birdie trying to communicate with her dead husband, Lou, by shouting at the ceiling.  “Ya hear me, Lou?”)

I suppose it’s also possible that I’m losing my mind.  But given our current political situation,  it’s not so bad to let go of reality for a couple of hours now and then. It might, in fact, be the only thing that’s keeping me sane.


Addendum:  The original post from last year featured news about my book with an image of the cover.  When updating, I edited that out and looked for another image.   When trying to decide what photo to use with this post, I thought,  maybe the image of the reeds.  Only after I dropped it into this post did  get the connection:  Reeds/Lou Reed.  Significant? Coincidence? Subliminal?   Your guess is as good as mine.


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