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I Am A Reiki Mastahhhh!


My Reiki Master training is complete!   My teacher/sensei, Lorry Salluzzi, led us through the final initiations via Zoom, which worked incredibly well, to all our amazement — even hers. (She will be taking us through the final initiation again, in person, once this nightmare of a pandemic is over.)

Most of the others worked with another student who was miles away (two in another states and one in another country.)  Fortunately, I’m locked inside for the duration of our isolation with my husband (who got his “masters” from Lorry in January) so I was able to use him as my subject.  During one meditation/healing session, Lorry instructed the senders to visualize taking in energy through our crown chakra and sending it out to our partner.  She didn’t specify what shape or color the energy should be, nor to what body part it should be sent, or how it should manifest.  “Wherever you feel the other person needs it.”

After this exercise, we compared notes.

Amazingly, each of us was able to not just feel the sent energy,  but we could identify where we felt it,  if it had a color or shape, etc.   One woman described a feeling of her hair being played with; her sender had visualized comfortingly stroking her head.  Some described specific colors — one duo sent/received an indigo blue cloud to the crown chakra.   When I sat across from M,  I visualized a kind of horizontal rainbow emanating from all of my chakras, flowing across to his,  imbuing them with energy and healing.  When asked what he’d felt,  he described exactly what I had sent.  This wasn’t just a nebulous imagined warm feeling of, “Yeah, I felt energy” — we each felt exactly what the other one was sending.

You’d think that by the time a person becomes a Master, they already be well convinced of Reiki power but you guys know I’m a skeptic; an eye-roller at woo-woo nonsense.  Still, even I have to admit, that was some pretty strong evidence that the transfer of energy is real.

I have been sending Reiki energy to anyone I hear about who is sick — and Dog knows, these days, a LOT of people are ill.   Several friends who have been sick recently told me that receiving that energy was the turning point in their recovery.  I’d be happy to send you or your loved ones some healing energy if you/they are ill. Just message me. (I need a first and last name and a location) I will be happy to include them in my daily meditation.

Below, I’m including below short hypnotic audio I made to help with relaxation and overall physical & mental well-being.  (It give it to clients for use after/between sessions. )  It runs about 17 minutes, so if you’re feeling stressed, or if you’d just like a little relaxing interlude during the day, or need to chill out before bed,  get comfortable and have a listen.  I hope you will give it a try and let me know if it helped.

(music by David C. Wilborn)


P.S.  Happy 420 day!


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Reiki Update

An update Reiki:

Hubby and I have now finished Level 1 where, according to the teacher, we are only channeling 10% of what we will be able to channel by the end of the second level.

My jury is still out on whether Reiki something special unto itself or just a codified ritual of helpful techniques.  Does it help people feel better? I believe it does but I don’t believe it’s because of any mystical transference of energy (as I think many practitioners would have us believe.)

It’s a long-established fact that human touch is healing.  A long time ago, I read that if a person is going into shock, aside from getting them out of immediate danger (i.e. stemming blood loss), the best thing you can do is to touch them, to ground them.  This information has come in handy more than once.

The placebo effect is another proven phenomenon. If you believe you are being healed, either by yourself or by another, very often the body will heal itself.   Even just visualizing being healed or getting better has a strong positive effect.  I know this to be true from my own experience.  I have healed myself countless times.

A few years ago, I had a pain in my mid-back for several weeks. It made it impossible for me to sit at my desk and work for more than fifteen minutes at a time.  It was quite debilitating. I had a couple of appointments with my chiropractor, which did not help, until he figured out it was referred pain from a pinched nerve in my neck.  I made an appointment with a “real” doctor, and had an MRI, but the truth is,  as soon he told me the cause and the location of the problem,  I was able to heal myself.  I visualized the nerve as a strand of dental floss and the nerve sheath as a bubble-tea straw – plenty of room for the nerve, no compression at all.  Overnight, this month-long pain was gone. (But I had to know the SOURCE of the problem in order to visualize the cure.)

I’ve had other similar experiences – enough of them to believe with every fiber of my being that self-healing is possible, but it’s essential to believe that it’s possible. This belief is reinforced with each success.

So, there’s that aspect of Reiki as well.  If the practitioner and the client truly believe that it’s helping, it will help.

Another established medical truth is that stress can exacerbate existing physical symptoms and even cause new problems out of the blue. When we are tense, we clench our muscles.  When we constantly clench the same muscles in the same way, this often leads to other problems even in other parts of the body.   When we are stressed, our bodies produce cortisol and adrenaline, the so-called “fight or flight” hormones. These hormones have a negative effect on our immune system.  (This is a very simplified explanation.)  Ergo, DE-stressing can alleviate or mitigate symptoms.  That’s why yoga and meditation are so effective at boosting the immune system, among other things.

Stress can also cause an increase in stomach acid which ultimately has a negative effect on the gut biome, which regulates all kinds of things, including mood (so scientists now believe.)

So when another person,  who is calm, attentive, and confident focuses loving attention on us,  it brings down our stress levels and reduces cortisol and adrenaline in our system, and has other positive effects on our bodies.

These days, many hospitals have added Reiki departments because patients are asking for it, and it seems to work.  But I believe it works for all the reasons I stated above.  Imagine a person about to have a major surgery or recuperating from a serious illness.  They are likely scared, worried, stressed.  Their heart rate is elevated. Their cortisol and adrenaline levels are up.  They are not breathing as deeply as they could, and thus are not fully oxygenating their cells.   Doctors and nurses and orderlies rush all around them, rarely taking a lot of time with them.  But then a person (maybe a volunteer) comes to the bedside and offers fifteen, twenty minutes of healing touch founded in a deep desire to help the patient feel better.  You can easily imagine how calming that would be.

I am not one for praying but I imagine if someone (say a member of the clergy, or a member of one’s house of worship) came to a hospital bedside and with the same intentions, and prayed with the patient, it would work just as well.

The teacher says that studies have proven that Reiki (and in fact intentions) can change the molecular structure of our cells.  I have seen similar studies with water and formation of ice crystals but I am not sure they were done under the strictest scientific standards.

Don’t get me wrong… I WANT to believe, but I need to see evidence.

We shall see if either I or my husband find anything more substantial than this as we continue to learn, and if so, I will report back to you.  We begin Level II in two weeks.  (I am enjoying the class.  The teacher is terrific and I really like the other students.)

But even if it’s no more than this,  learning to “channel” calm, healing energy into oneself or another person is a good skill to have.

Heal! I say. Heal!

A word from me…

Hubby and I have started studying Reiki as our local community college.  So far, just one class but it was interesting and fun.  The teacher promises that it will increase psychic abilities and help concentration. For her, these are side benefits.  For me,  if I can accomplish JUST those two things, I will be satisfied.

I’m sure many of my readers know a lot more about Reiki than I do.  At this point, all I know is that it’s a way of moving energy,  for healing purposes.  It about turning oneself into a conduit for the healing energy of the universe, allowing it to flow through and be directed to whomever needs it.  HOW to do so remains to be learned.

Our homework was to place our hands in various positions on our body,  corresponding to our chakras, (which seems to me a mixed metaphor since Reiki is Japanese and chakras are Indian.  But I digress.)  While doing so,  we are to focus on channeling healing energy.   I visualize myself as a pure, hollow crystal tube.  Any conduit,  in order to transmit anything (electricity, water, oil), needs to be clear and free of impediments clinging to or blocking the inner walls.  Any blockage will change the course and perhaps the nature of whatever is flowing through.  Therefore,  one needs to put aside ego and one’s own issues to become a “pure, clean conduit.”  So, this is what I have been meditating on.

Many years ago,  just after college (i.e. when dinosaurs roamed the earth), I studied Silva Mind Control. (I don’t think they run that 2-weekend program any more,  at least not the same way, which is a pity.)  At the time, I found their claims interesting  while still being skeptical of them,  however they offered a money-back guarantee, so I figured I’d give it a try.  I did not like the teacher at all.  I found him creepy. I resisted him. And still,  every one of their promises was justified. (The course consisted of lectures and group hypnosis/visualization.  The hypnosis was read from a standard script — perhaps it was even a recording — so the teacher, himself, for that part of it, anyway, was moot.)

Even though I don’t actively use most of exercises these days,  I have incorporated most of the teachings into my world view and belief system because the truth of them have been proven to me.   One of the main things I have come to trust is the ability to heal oneself.  I have done this on myself, many times,  and it’s been proven in controlled studies. (Watch “Heal” on Netflix if you can.)

Another “truth” I took from Silva was the notion that everyone is psychic.  We can fine-tune that ability; learn our own signposts and symbols — if we are willing to pay attention and do the work. It’s a teachable skill. Obviously, some are more gifted than others, but anyone can perceive things clairvoyantly, clairsentiently, or via any of the other clairs (with the possibly exception of chocolate eclairs.)  We do all do it all the time, but we don’t realize we’re doing it because we are not paying close enough attention.

So,  I am willing to believe that there is value in Reiki because it pulls from the same general ideas BUT,  as with most such things,  I go in a skeptic — wanting to believe, doing the work,  but not willing to believe baselessly.

I will report back as we progress.



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Also,  I have just started a discussion group on Facebook,  for conversations about any of the concepts/issues in the posts.  Honestly, these are things in here which I don’t fully understand myself.  I would love  get your thoughts on this…even if you think this is all a bunch of hooey!

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